Newsletter – May 2015

Sweet Shabbat project:

As has become our custom, this month home baked goods were donated by residents and community members. The goods were distributed among needy families in the city, and made their Shabbat so much sweeter…

שבת מתוקה מאי 2015

Farewell to Ben Chaidell:

Our rabbinical intern, Ben, is finishing his year in Israel. We were very pleased to have Ben accompany the community throughout the past year. It was a reciprocal process: Ben enriched our practices and, for him- we were an up close experience of Masorti living in Israel. Just before parting ways, we went on a special Shabbat morning hike to showcase the nature right beyond the last street of Yoqneam. And a commemorative mug ensures he will think of us often! We wish Ben success and good fortune in all his endeavors.

פרידה מבן חיידל

Bar Mitzvah:

Just before Shavuot, the holiday of receiving the Torah, we conducted another Bar Mitzvah. Edan Peer, the son of Dana Peer, our community chairperson, read from the Torah. The ceremony, conducted by the lovely Tamar Gur Krause was a wonderful and significant experience for the family and the community. Looking forward to the next Bar Mitzvah!

בר מצווה עידן פאר

Tikun after Shavuot:

This year for Shavuot we joined with the Megiddo Regional Council and the Reform Movement for a special event of study in the Shavuot tradition. The event took place at the Ramot Menashe kibbutz several days after the holiday, a chance for all those who had missed a Tikun to participate in one! The event included study groups, lectures and a musical performance. We were pleased to host one of the study groups (pictured), led by Dassi Postan Aizik, on the subject of “Justice, Justice, You Shall Seek”.

סדנא צדק צדק תרדוף

Bat Mitzvah program:

A festive ceremony and party celebrated the end of our first program for 16 Bat Mitzvah young ladies. The participants put on a show for their families, which summarized the process they had undergone throughout the year. All the families then sat in groups and exchanged personal letters each had written the other. Commencement speeches by Ayelet Melamed Yaish, who conducted the program, parents’ representative and Dana Peer, the community chairperson, all wished the girls many blessings for the future. The evening ended with a gift for each girl from the community; a grail for Kiddush, and the traditional parents’ blessing for the children.

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