Newletter – June 2015

Donation to tennis center:

Recently, the community was pleased to be a part of a donation to the local Tennis Center by Richard Kahan, an attorney from New Jersey and a member of the board of the Conservative Movement, who is also known as the “Santa Claus” of tennis balls. Every time he visits Israel, several times a year, he hauls with him a large bag of tennis balls. Richard has been playing tennis for as long as he can remember, and has never understood the habit of some players of discarding tennis balls after having used them for a single match. As one concerned with the environment, he started gathering the discarded balls, which began piling up quickly. Now every time a bag is filled Richard knows it is time to visit Israel again, and pass them onto a tennis center somewhere in the country.

As a part of the outreach of the Masorti community in Yokneam, the tennis balls were donated to the tennis center there, for the second time.

Tennis ball donation

Tennis ball donation for summer activities in Yokneam tennis center

Sweet Shabbat:

once again this month community members baked and donated cakes and cookies for needy families in the city. This monthly volunteerism is heartwarming!


cakes and cookies donation

Kabbalat Shabbat:

We had the monthly Kabbalat Shabbat, with Rachel Gould leading the service, and Mimi Semuha giving a Dvar Torah. Mimi spoke about why Korach was given such a punishment, and enlightened us about the different kinds of disputes. It was Mimi’s first time in giving a Dvar Torah – and as it went very well, we look forward to many more!

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