November 2015, Newsletter #21


Movie night: During Sukkot the community hosted a screening of the movie “Gett: the Story of Vivian Amsalem”. The movie portrays the complex and difficult state of women who are at the mercy of the rabbinical court, when they wish to divorce their husbands. If that is not enough, oftentimes, the court itself is compromised and cannot oblige a husband to grant his wife a divorce. We watched the movie, and then had a fascinating discussion, facilitated by Rivka Lubitz, an experienced Rabbinical pleader. We realized that in order to bring about change, we must continue to discuss and address such Halachic distortions, and press for the acceptance of the few orthodox rabbis who dare express different views. Change in this status quo will have to be of a bluegrass nature, creating alternatives, formulating reciprocal marital agreements regarding potential future separation, such as pre-nuptial agreements. Most of all, we need to continue to expand the pluralism and equality in our daily lives.

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A Sweet Shababt: after the holidays and getting back to routine, we are resuming our tradition of bringing baked goods to families in the city, which will make their Shabbat so much sweeter. Once amonth, Thursday before Kabbalt Shabbat, we will collecting baked goods to be delivered Friday morning. Our next event will be Nov. 19th.

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Kabbalat Shabbat: Friday, 20/11/15, at 17:30 we will be having a Kabbalat Shabbat the buliding across from the tennis courts, HaAlonim 64a.

Bar and Bat Mitzvah: Bat Mitzvah program for moms and Daughters is starting November.

Hanukkah party: Save the Date!! This year, as every year, on Shabbat of Hanukkah we will have our annual party: Dec. 12th, 2015.

Hafrashat Hallah: Nov. 13th we will be having a special Friday morning brunch with Hafrashat Hallah and Pilpulim! Come and enjoy both!

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