Newsletter no. 39, June 2017

Bat Mitzvah program:

In the final meeting of the mother- daughter Bat Mitzvah program the focus was how to continue the open and frank communication that had developed throughout the program. The program ended with a hike in the area, followed by a lovely hamper picnic and a memorable ceremony. The mothers and daughters summarized the program as the most significant thing they had done this scholastic year, touching upon the connection they had made, learning to see facets of each other they had not known before. The significant quality time they had, facilitated a renewed introduction to Judaism, as they had never experienced it before.


A Sweet Shabbat:

Much strength to all our bakers, who donated cakes and cookies this month for families in need in the city!



Kabbalat Shabbat:

Friday evening June 16th, at 18:30 we will have the monthly service. All are welcome!

As usual, we will be gathering baked goods to sweeten the Shabbat for needy families.


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