Ohel Menashe Community

Ohel menashe is a jewish community belonging to the masorti (conservative) movement, located in yokneam, Israel

It is an active lively community that embraces values of pluralistic Judaism and Israeli spirit

The community was established on august 2013

The name of the community “Ohel Menashe” (Tent of Menashe) reflects the intentions of the community members

Ohel – as a symbol for openness and a desire for guests and additional members in the community

Menashe – a connection to the place we live in, which was a part of the menashe tribe territory

The community welcomes new members from yokneam and neighbouring towns. The community members come from various background and cultures that are represented in the atmosphere of the community


Kabalat shabat once a month

Services on high holidays

Social activities on most jewish and Israeli  holidays

Bar mitzvah and Bat mitzvah programs and Aliya to the Torah ceremony.


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