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Newsletter #36, March 2017

This past month:

Bat Mitzvah program:

The program for mothers and daughters led by Tamar Gur, continues with great enthusiasm. The group is becoming more cohesive and warm, while undergoing significant personal processes. This month the first meeting dealt with body image and the way it is created for us, as women and girls, the “right” way to look and behave. This issue is an important one for girls during puberty. The group examined the way they construct their body image, how to learn to love one’s self and one’s body. The second meeting was at a synagogue and focused on ceremonies and rituals. They learned how the Bat Mitzvah ceremony evolved, how to retrieve women’s place in Judaism. The participants learned about each one’s Torah portion, and became familiar with the Torah itself. It was a moving and significant experience of discovery and a first for the mothers and daughters to find out that they too have a place in the synagogue, and can partake in the rituals.

General assembly:

At the beginning if the month the annual assembly meeting was held, and our leadership team will continue for another year.


Baking workshop for Tu B’shvat:

In the spirit of the holiday, we conducted a baking workshop with Oranit, a professional baker, preparing a fruit smoothie, fruit bread and foccacia, biscotti and several desserts. We all had a good and delicious time.


A Sweet Shabbat:

This month as usual baked goods were brought by community members for families in need in the city. Thank you to all those continuing and all the new joiners.


Coming up:

Kabbalat Shabbat:

Friday, March 24th, 2017, at 17:15 we will be having a Kabbalat Shabbat with our Bat Mitzvah program members, followed by a communal dinner.

As usual, we will be gathering baked goods to sweeten the Shabbat for needy families.


The annual reading of the Megillah of Esther will take place Sat., March 11th, 2017 at 18:30. Please join us with costumes!


Newsletter #35 – Feb. 2017

Bat Mitzvah program:

This year’s Bat Mitzvah program began with six pairs of mothers and daughters who chose to make their Bat Mitzvah year more meaningful. In their first meeting, they discussed the process of growing up and maturing and why the age 12 was chosen as a developmental signpost. The second meeting was all about the significant relationship between mother and daughter. A lovely group of mothers and daughters has come together, with open and frank discussions and unique quality time set aside from hectic daily life.

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A Sweet Shabbat:

Much strength to all our bakers, who donated cakes and cookies this month for families in need in the city!



Coming up:

Tu B’shvat Baking workshop:

A workshop of baking with our country’s great agriculture produce, led by Oranit Raviv-Kodanchik. Participation is subsidized by the community. Number of participants is limited. Please register with Shlomit.

Kabbalat Shabbat:

On Friday, Feb, 24th, at 17:15. As custom, we will be accepting baked goods on the afternoon of the Feb. 23rd, to be distributed to families in need in the city.