kabbalat shabbat

Newsletter #49 – May 2108

This past month:

Zikaron Basalon (Memories in the Den):

Eliyahu Yakir, a Holocaust survivor, told his story as a young boy during the Holocaust. It was a moving story, and we were touched by his message to us and our children: to love one another, to respect one another, to accept each other, we are human beings.


10 days of Gratitude:

This was the 2nd year that the Ohel Menashe community partook in this national project, in cooperation with the Scouts youth movement and the Big shopping center. We were pleased to offer visitors to the Big a chance to stop, reflect and express gratitude for something positive in their lives. We hope that such reflection and gratefulness will continue long after.

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Memorial day for fallen soldiers:

This Memorial Day eve we hosted a group of women from the Melton program in Atlanta.  It was an opportunity to discuss and share our thoughts on remembrance, solidarity and Judaism. It was a touching and moving event for all.

Bar mitzvah ceremony:

Congratulations to Ari Gould, who was the first boy to make an Aliyah to the Torah in the community. It was a lovely, egalitarian and exciting ceremony, attended by many guests from Israel and the USA.

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Sweet Shabbat:

Once again our monthly project brought lovely baked goods to elderly people in the city, making their Shabbat that much sweeter. Thank to all the volunteers, new and old!



English learning center:

English speaking volunteers continued to be available every Sun. afternoon for tutoring, playing games and just chatting. Children and adults welcome.



Small Passover:

For the first time the community will host an event for the Religious Tolerance Week, highlighting LBGHTQ in Judaism. We will have a film, followed by a discussion regarding the place of tolerance in the community and in Judaism. Sun. May 13th, at 20:30. All are welcome.


Limmud about Environment and Judaism led by Dr. Asaf Nevaro, an expert on Jewish thought and studying Environmental Studies at TAU.

“Noah’s Ark as a Metaphor for Life in an Unstable Environment”, Sat., May 19th, at 21:30. All are welcome, and please consider bringing refreshment for Shavuot.

Kabbalat Shabbat:

Fri., May 25th, at 18:30, followed by a potluck dinner. Each family is invited to bring a salad, vegetarian dish and drinks.

The Thurs. before we will gather baked goods for Sweet Shabbat.

General assembly:

Weds., May 16th at 20:00, to confirm 2017 fiscal report.


Newsletter #33, December 2016

Last month: Sweet Shabbat:

Families in need in Yokneam had a sweeter Shabbat due to the diligent baking of community volunteers. Kudos and many thanks to all the regular and new bakers!


Participating in city council meeting:

Many community members attended the municipality’s monthly council meeting, leaving kids and home in the midst of usual hectic evening preparations. All this for the worthy cause of being involved in what happens in our city, and also to closely follow development regarding the promised building for the community. We appreciate the welcome by the mayor and the council members. We are here to further an egalitarian and open Judaism for the city we love.


Recent  fires in Haifa:

Sadly, the beautiful Masorti synagogue of the Moriah community in Haifa was damaged in the fires that recently ravaged the city. The top floor, which housed the kindergarten and the local Noam branch was completely burned. The storage room, containing over 4,000 prayer and study books also burned. Much equipment was damaged; computers, air conditioners,  the sound system, the kitchen, and over 400 chairs. The water used  to put out the fire damaged the entrance, the garden and the services’ hall as well. The Masorti Movement is doing the utmost to assist in speedy restoration of the community, but it needs assistance. For donations and assistance to the community please press attached link:



Upcoming events:

Kabbalat Shabbat: Friday, Dec. 16th, 2016 at 5:15 pm.

As customary, on Dec 15th, in the afternoon hours we will be collecting baked goods to pass on to needy families in the city.

Foe your convenience,  a list of planned Kabbalat Shabbat:

16.12 20.1 24.2 24.3 28.4 19.5 16.6 21.7 18.8 8.9


Hanukkah party:

Save the date- Dec 29th, 2016, a FIERY party indeed!